Orthopedic Shoes & Children’s Health

Orthopedic Shoes

Child’s Health = Responsible Approach

Orthopedic Shoes for Children

Benny & Sophie provides orthopedic shoes to its young customers with comfortable and high-quality footwear for up to age of 7- 8 years old, so that your children can stand firmly on their feet and confidentially step into the future. Here we provide you with orthopedic shoes to help your child’s feet become healthier, prevent any foot problems, and help your child’s growth and development.

We have tried to find a combination of orthopedic shoes with attractive appearance for children to enjoy wearing. Mainly we carry handmade shoes by the factory. Children orthopedic shoes made from leather and wool, leather sandals, winter fur boots, school shoes, and spring & autumn casual shoes.


If you require a different size we do not carry, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you.



Below the table of sizes is calculated on length of an insole. Please measure the baby’s insole and add 1 cm (or 0.5 cm) to choose the size. It is better to leave a message or tell us the length of your child’s insole, the best recommendations will be provided to you.

  1. Please note: Manual measurements, the error can be between 0.5 – 1 cm.
  2. Please choose your shoes according to the insole length, the chart size is only for reference.

The maintenance method for leather shoes

Please keep leather shoes in a dry environment, avoid wearing in the rain or snow.
In case of rain or snow, please us e dry cloth to wipe immediately, and let it dry in a dry place.

Please notice orthopedic shoes are handmade by the factory, it normally takes 15 days to make before they are delivered.


From the First Step

The variety of models by color and style will surprise the most caring and scrupulous parent with their uniqueness and effectiveness. A rich assortment and suppliers’ reliability of Benny & Sophie shoes will enable your baby and young children feel comfortable in any weather, taking the very first step with health benefits.

Ordering online orthopedic shoes for children on the site Benny & Sophie will make the purchase quick and convenient. We offer products of excellent quality and attractive prices. In addition, we periodically offer various promotions on the site.

“A happy childhood, is seeing our children look like happy

& healthy kids.”

~ Sofia