About Us

Welcome to Benny & Sophie!

The place where you can find the best quality for every occasion and season. Based in Manitoba, Canada’s Children online store, we are dedicated to provide high and safe quality for your children and thoroughly check the quality of our goods, working with only reliable suppliers so that you receive the best product, with a focus on customer service, dependability, and uniqueness.

We at Benny & Sophie believe in the intention of creating a different style of children’s fashion from ages 0 – 7 years old. We started by searching for high-quality and beautifully designed clothing and comfortable orthopedic shoes from worldwide recognized brands, traditionally made collection for newborns, babies, girls, and boys. Creative and unique accessories that inspire freedom of expression in any weather, on a holiday or a weekday for the joy of children and parents.

And so, Benny & Sophie was born. We are committed to deliver the essence of timeless clothing for young boys and girls with comfortable, elegant, fun, and fresh garments, while maintaining a traditional touch that gives the use of natural cotton and wool fabrics, and Orthopedic shoes to help your children make the first steps for their happy and healthy future.

Our Goal

As parents, we want the best for our children. Benny & Sophie is a place where parents can purchase high-quality items at a price they could afford. We are an online retail shop that features items for young girls and boys and babies in the family. Our goal is to create a style of our own, a philosophy, and healthy, comfortable and fun clothes made out of cotton and wool for children. And so, we committed to start our online store working with the most reliable suppliers who provide their products worldwide.

Orthopedic Shoes for Children

When a child stand on his or her feet for the first time and begins to walk, his or her feet experience a considerable of his or her body’s weight. Miniature legs just cannot stand all ten kilograms of the baby’s weight! There are 26 bones, connected with each other by joints and ligaments, which are formed for four years of the baby’s life – meaning that the child’s feet always develop and all this time the child needs the right shoes, so that his feet are formed by all the rules.

For children who have not yet had problems with their legs, simple footwear is also suitable-rational, and a folding sole, fixation of the heel and supinator, which will form the correct lifting of the foot and allow the child to avoid flat feet.


If the shoes for the child were chosen incorrectly, it can lead to deformities of the feet, rapid fatigue of the legs vascular spasms and circulatory disorders. To correct the violations and carry out prevention, you can use orthopedic shoes.

Children’s orthopedic footwear means having a hard back with side breeches that will not allow the heel to turn out in sides, and the right sole prevents a child from having flat feet. For more information about orthopedic shoes for children you can find in our ‘Blog’.

“A happy childhood, is seeing our children look like happy

& healthy kids.”

~ Sofia